After we had come back onto the gravel road of Routa 40, luck was finally on our side: Good wind, not too strong, not too weak, and from the right direction – finally we were able to move fast!

Bildschirmfoto 2014-03-12 um 17.00.18

But soon a great ascent made ​​our progress impossible. The wind was too weak to push the boat with nearly a ton of weight up the mountain and thus to cope with the 150 meters. Even by pushing we would have barely had a chance to tackle this mountain without assistance due to the strong rolling friction at the gravel road. My plan therefore was to sail as far as possible by the sole force of the wind. I had hoped that one of the few motorists (for whom we provided a lot of attention anyway) driving past us every hour would stop and help us to haul the boat up the mountain.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-03-12 um 17.01.26 copy

Before starting our sailing trip my greatest fear had been that the police would stop my project and give us no permission to sail. But that it could turn out quite differently and that the police would even help us by dragging us up this hill, I had never expected…
Even more absurd was the evening: We were even allowed to set up our tents in front of the police station, which was far away from any civilization and is permanently occupied only by one policeman. Since I was quite sick, I could even spend the night in the police station in order to cure completely…
A friend of the policeman, who was visiting for two days to fish, came back in the evening with a great catch: 12 salmons. These were cooked as a delicious dinner for all of us.

DSC01894 (2)


We showed Fabian -the helpful police officer- the footage that we had shot that day and he was very proud that he could help us and we even filmed it. The next day we offered him to make a short photo shooting with him so that he would have some good pictures for himself.



After this eventful and windy day the next few days unfortunately were calm again as predicted…

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