A farmer who had stopped to ask whether everything was OK, could give us two addresses of turners and a good mechanic in Rio Gallegos. This gave us some hope.

Before our trip to Rio Gallegos we spent the night at a road patrol and police station.


Bildschirmfoto 2014-02-26 um 12.24.51

Martin, our sailing expert, had already been bed-stricken here with a strong flu the day before to spare him from the rigors of the wind and the gravel road. Contrary to all expectations, in the evening we sat together with this policeman, who was curious about our reports of our sailing adventure.

In advance, our expectations were rather restrained and we were afraid of constant problems with the police. That we would volunteer to show a cop our footage and would spend a fun evening together, was by far not what I had imagined in advance.

Thanks to the addresses of the farmer we immediately found a good mechanic and turner in Rio Gallegos; one who wanted to take care of our land sailor and wanted to lathe an axis for us that would meet the requirements of the Ruta 40.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-02-26 um 12.52.50

After 3 days, his reconstruction work was completed. Unfortunately, the flu was common these days, and I had caught it as well, so I spent most of my time at the hotel to get my strength back. The unintentional days of rest were thus not inconvenient.


Full of hope, we returned to the Ruta 40. Finally we wanted to cover a great distance … Despite initial successes in sailing and beautiful pictures, we had far too often been busy trying to solve problems.

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