… the winds do not only drive us forward, they also strain the material of the boat to its limit. So we soon had our first breakdown: the rear wheel broke off.

Foto 3

Unfortunately, our broken rear wheel proved to be a big problem, because taking it to the „next door workshop” wasn’t possible in Patagonia. You only really feel the infinite vastness and solitude if your dependent on civilization. We had already been at a turner in El Calafate, because the rear wheel had already caused trouble right from the start. Unfortunately, the mechanic could just wing it, because he lacked the necessary materials. To finally solve the problems this time, we had to convert the entire boat into a trailer again so we could go to port city of Rio Gallegos 300 km away. That was the only place far and wide, of which we could ever hope to find help to our problem. However, the conversion of land sailor into a trailer capable of travelling on the road – to be able to get to a repair shop – already requires half a day. It is impossible to think of fast travelling at all on these gravel roads …Bildschirmfoto 2014-02-19 um 14.39

Bildschirmfoto 2014-02-19 um 14.43

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