In the strong breeze on our first day, we had to put on nearly all our clothes taken along – all the same, we were chilled to the bone. But then, the dream became real, tension abated. Our sailing trip could begin!

Running on constant wind blowing from a favourable direction was easier than expected. Even so, our full concentration was required for dealing with potholes, sudden blasts, lamas crossing and the delicate rear steering.

The equipment was also strained to the limit by the strong wind; we weren’t allowed any mistake as we wouldn’t be able to find any substitutional material for a broken mast or sail anywhere near.

12.02.14 Bootsstart

12.02.14 Boot&Kurve

Our first bend!

Up to now, the Patagonian summer had seen merely days with a very strong wind, as we were told. Unfortunately, the weather forecast predicts calms for the next days. We have only been able to cover a short distance so far – sailing on will be rather difficult without the strong wind. We are thus hoping for the “bad weather” to pass by quickly, so that we can sail full speed again soon.

Ein Gedanke zu “LET’S SAIL!

  1. Sensationell! Wir fiebern mit euch und träumen uns zurück in die Weiten Patagoniens! Erinnerungen kommen hoch… wir sind gespannt auf noch mehr so atemberaubende Bilder und Videos! Grüße vom anderen Ende der Welt!

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